Embending DjVu files.

Is it possible to embed DjVu files in the WiKi?

Yes. As a demostration, I'm using the next code:

width="600" height="400"]]

And here you have the result (a java enabled browser is mandatory):
What you can see above is the "The Encyclopedia Britannica" (11 edition). This is a monolythic 61Mbytes file with 1122 scanned pages. You can download that file from:


What I'm using above is a test page of javadjvu. I can use files only from I would like to use my own files.

I think it should be easy for wikidot developers to have a "djvu enabled" site. It would be nice to have something like:

[[djvuimage source]]

It's easy for anyone to create djvu files. You only have to go to Any2DjVu. Thre you can convert: .pdf, .ps, photo, images, … Please, test it! It's incredible.

Advantages of DjVu files.

  • It is a multipage file format like .pdf files or .tiff files.
  • It can work with: 32/24 bits photos (like .jpg), 8bit images (for example screeshots, logos; like .tiff, .png, .gif), 1bit (black and white images, lossless or not lossless; like .tiff files).
  • It compress better than .jpg, .png, .tiff (it's incredible with b/w images).
  • It use much less memory. The reason is that it works with wavelets instead of FFT. Faster zoom in and zoom out.
  • A multipage file can be splitted in smaller files, instead of one big monolithic file. This makes it more suitable for web usage. So you can look to different pages prior to dowload the full file.

I think this is "one file for all".

Using a google's gadget.

I have made this terrible gadget. It works (at least at Linux - Opera).

<script src=";up_TITLE=Eventos%3A%20d%C3%ADas%20que%20faltan&amp;up_SHOW_CD=1&amp;synd=open&amp;w=640&amp;h=480&amp;title=__UP_TITLE__&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>
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